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Soil Health - A living system

Soil Health is a considerable factor in plant health. Trees, shrubs, ornamental, fruit trees and more can develop serious health problems when unhealthy and abiotic, or "unliving", soul. Soil is much more than dirt and rocks. It's a natural living system full of bacteria, fungi, oomycota, nematodes, arthropods, and other insects, in a formulation of broken rocks and minerals, organic mater, and dissolved nutrients. Different types of soils can be defined by their relative properties and size of aggregate, water, and pores. 

Soil Remediation Soil Improvement Soil Treatment Soil Health

Beneficial fungi and mycorrhizae.

Wild-land trees don't normally require fertilizing because of the environments ability to self-mulch. Urban trees that aren't mulched, and some that are, require extra nutrients to sustain themselves. No all trees require the same nutrients, and not all fertilizers contain the same nutrients. Fertilizing a tree with the incorrect nutrients, or more nutrients than required, often negatively affects tree health. We can fertilize both trees and shrubs, evergreen and deciduous, with the correct amount of required fertilizer.

In addition to fertilizing, we can inoculate the soil of a trees critical root zone with local, beneficial fungal mycorrhizae. Similar to probiotics for our guts, healthy soil requires living bacteria and fungi to sustain and assist trees in their nutrient delivery systems. For more information on mycorrhizae click here.

Mycorrhizae Fungi