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Preventative Tree Care for Optimum Tree Health

Step 1: Pruning

Removal of pathogen inoculum is the first step in any tree health regime. This step means pruning away dead, diseased and decaying sections of tree and discarding the wood. Concern for biological stress: a tree with a disease is stressed and yes, pruning that tree will cause more stress. Without removal of the contaminant, no treatment will be successful. 

Our arborists are experts in the art and practice of tree pruning. We take into account tree health, aesthetic qualities, pruning goals, and customer desires. 

Preventative Tree Care for Optimum Tree Health

Step 2: Soil Remediation

Rehabilitation of soil: It's noted by some soil scientists and phytopathologists that most plant problems are results of soil disparities. A rich, stable soil s comprised of primarily air. Second to air, decaying organic material, and a community of mycorrhizae, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa and bugs compose a healthy, stable soil.

Urban Soils: Often in urban soils we have compacted, imported and heavily sterile soils. These are not good growing conditions.

Step two consists of inoculating these biotic elements back into the soil, allowing them to revitalize sterile soils. Additional inputs to a dead soil are sometimes required, such as mulching, fertilizers, and fracturing (tilling).

Preventative Tree Care 2

Step 3: Treatment

The last phase includes above ground treatment of infected trees with fungicidal elements and plant response activators. This can be a combination of products aimed at reducing susceptibility of trees to diseases. 

Preventative Tree Care 3