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Native Plant Restoration

Shorelines and Slopes   |   Wetlands   |   Stream

Peninsula Horticulture has over 25 years of cumulative restoration ecology experience. Our creativityresourcefulness and unique experiences set us apart from the competition. Ecological disturbances come in two main varieties: Humandisturbances: logging, community development and, natural disturbances: fire, landslide, flooding. 

These disturbances degrade the native ecological processes that support and sustain human and wildlife communities. Such degraded processes include decreases in stormwater infiltration leading to decreases in aquifer recharging and eventually causing wells to go dry and a lack of agricultural water. Disturbances across streams, shorelines and wetlands decrease natural horizontal levees made of vegetation, and decrease the flood buffering. Both of these lost functions result in an increased intensity and likely damage caused by storms and floods. Other natural processes lost to disturbance include air filtration, oxygen release and carbon sequestration. Humankind benefits in a multitude of ways from ecosystems. Collectively, these benefits are becoming known as ecosystem services. Full or partial restoration of these disturbed areas allows us to continue benefiting from these natural, free ecosystem services. 

We offer restoration services in marine and freshwater shorelines, stream and tributaries, wetlands, forests, Garry/White oak prairies, and native landscapes. 

Our experience as commercial arborists gives us the knowledge we need to safely move across steep slopes and shorelines using ropes and other specialized gear. We access landscapes and terrain most other restorationists and landscapers cannot. 

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